Thursday, April 29, 2010

keeping my hands busy

I have Layla's quilt almost finished. I originally thought I would hand quilt the whole thing, but I started out with way too thick of pearl cotton thread and took it out before I really got going. So, I decided to go ahead and machine quilt all the straight lines and go ahead and bind it. Then I'd go back and hand quilt around all the applique.

Armed with some hand quilting thread from my friend Katie, I got going and I am so glad I did it! The hand quilting really makes the flowers pop out. Can you see the difference between the flower on the left and and the flatness of the flower on the right?? I'm about half-way done and hopefully I'll be able to show you the whole thing before too much longer.

I couldn't give my sewing machine too long of a break, so I got started on a bed quilt for Natalie. I ordered a few fabrics from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics to get me started, then filled in with fabrics from my stash. Here's a peek at the scraps...gotta love a cute pile of scraps :)

Not only have my hands been busy, my feet have been busy too. We have spent this week house hunting and let me tell ya, it's not nearly as fun as I thought it would be! It's been exhausting to say the least. We fell in love with a house, but were outbid. I was pretty disappointed because it was really the only one I could see us in and even when we looked at several more yesterday, nothing else compared to that place. So, we're going to forget about the tax credit, slow it down and wait for the right place to come around. Now that I've seen it, I know the perfect place is possible. Right?? Or should I compromise?? Should I really be looking for perfection? Thoughts, please. (Keep in mind, my idea of "perfection" is not new and beautifully finished and updated. The place we loved was built in the 60's, was obviously loved by the family, had hard wood under the pink carpet, a super-out-dated kitchen, but with great potential, and the best deck and backyard in the world. And it was beyond clean and well-cared-for.) *sigh*


  1. awww, sorry someone else loved your perfect house as well. :( I don't have any advice... I've never even shopped for a house! But I do think God has one in mind for you. Keep praying about it, like I know you are, and I just *know* God will direct!

    Loving Layla's quilt!!! You are amazing!!!

  2. Hey, are you sick of me yet? Find a couple of things that you won't compromise on and go from there. Like backyard, kitchen, square footage, whatever. The rest you can deal with. And you probably won't want to hear this, but whatever home you find, you'll love. It's your first home, nothing will replace that.

  3. I agree with Katie.. pick a few key "must haves" and be flexible with the rest. Focus on things that can't be changed, like location, yard size, and overall structure. Pretty much everything else can be changed.