Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We attended the funeral of Casey's Aunt Sherri on Monday. She battled brain cancer for almost two years and passed away last week at age 41. I have not been to very many funerals, but I found this one so beautiful and inspiring. It was truly more of a celebration of life than a mourning of death. Everyone wore bright colors, the balloon release was amazing. There was a long slide show of Sherri's life and it was so wonderful to watch, and made me determine to take more picture of family (and to get in some pictures myself!) They don't need to be professional quality to be so valuable to our family in later years. It's easy to take pictures of the kids, but I rarely think to take pics of the adults together too. So, at the reception, I got out my camera and snapped away. Casey's brother Jeremy said, after I took the first picture, "This is goin' on the blog, isn't it." Haha, right you are!

This is Casey in the middle with his sister, Jennifer and brother, Jeremy.

Jeremy and his wife Cindy. Their daughter Jilli is my Natalie's best buddy :)

And I even managed to get one taken of Casey and I.

And this is me and Cindy with the best Mother-in-law in the WORLD. That's no exaggeration, really she's wonderful :) I wanted Jennifer in this one too, but she was somewhere in that looooong food line in the background.

This is Casey's grandpa, Kelby's great-grandpa! I love this one of them nose-to-nose. Precious.

Here's to family! I'm so thankful to be a part of this one.

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