Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Springtime in the Rockies

You have to love Colorado. One day we're at the park, playing our little hearts out...

...and a few days later we have over a foot of snow. Of course, it's melted by now and we're up to 80 degrees today! Woohoo! I'm ready for Springtime and soooo glad it's here.

We went down to Colorado City to visit Casey's family over the weekend and had such a great time there. Sometimes it's good to get out of the city and feel like you can breathe. It was a nice little mini-vacation for me. Back to reality, though and it's a tough reality for us lately. We have some decisions to make in the coming months and are excited to make those decisions, but are still in a holding pattern. We know that God has a perfect plan in mind and it will be better than what we've ever imagined for ourselves. But, how do I find contentment when I know what I have is temporary and how do I settle in to my current situation when I know it will just change again very soon? Thoughts??


  1. OMG your son really looks like Casey in those pics. Arkansas has been the same way this spring, warm and windy and then freezing cold with rain and snow. Crazy weather. You take GREAT photos of your kiddos.

  2. Welcome to my world: weather and challenges! UB's weather is so like Denver's. There are lots of scriptures to do with pilgrimage and tents. I tend to center on them ;) Still, a challenge. Guess it's a great reminder that none of this is permanent--especially for us professional nesters.

  3. It is hard to find contentment when you know changes are coming. My advice is to stay connected to the situation you are in, enjoy it, and when the time comes, jump into the new change completely. Best wishes to you!

  4. Nikki,
    Some words from Elisabeth Elliot that I read this A.M.: "Take strength." These words were written by a prisoner (Paul) to a young pastor (Timothy) who was also going through great challenges. E.E. says "Where shall I ever find strength I need to get through this experience, this ordeal, this day, this week? The answer is 'Take it!' Take it from the grace which is ours already, in Christ Jesus."