Thursday, March 4, 2010

the birthday

My oldest child turned 5 on Tuesday! Hard to believe. Natalie's baby and toddler years were pretty challenging, but I'm so proud of who she is becoming. She's really turned into such a great little person. We had an Alice in Wonderland birthday tea party for her yesterday. There were lots of little girls there and one great sport of a little boy (besides Kelby, of course.)

Last week at Barnes & Noble, I bought the newest Family Fun magazine. Actually this is the first one I've ever bought, but just flipping through it, everything looked so cool and actually doable! These rainbow cupcakes were in the very back. You just get a white cake mix, separate it into 6 bowls, dye each a different color and spoon them in one at a time! They turned out pretty cool.

We have been busy around here. Casey was gone with the military for a week and we have some friends in town visiting too, so I could say that I'll be back tomorrow with more from the birthday and from this awesome magazine, but realistically, it may be a few days :) Bear with me, though, I've been storing up some great posts!


  1. Looks like fun, wish we could've been there....oh wait, we were. Thanks for the good time.

  2. so cute! I loved the way the cupcakes turned out! FUN!

  3. what a great little party. i love the theme.