Monday, March 8, 2010

meet Patty

Natalie has a Groovy Girl doll that my friend Jenn gave her when she turned 3. She realllly loves this doll. She named her Patty a long time ago. I don't know why :) Clothes for these dolls are kinda expensive (like $10 or more for one outfit!) so I really wanted to make her some clothes for her birthday this year. I started looking around online and it turns out that Simplicity used to make patterns for Dizzy Dolls and tons of clothes. These dolls and clothes are the same size as Groovy Girlz, so the same friend Jenn managed to score some patterns on Ebay! Nice!

Here are all the outfits I made. Check out the shoes, that's my favorite part, they're so cute.

So after they were done, I made this little purse for them to go in. It was really easy, maybe I'll make a tutorial for it if anyone would like to try one.

Natalie really like this gift, it was the first one she played with after opening gifts on her birthday, which made me happy :)