Monday, December 14, 2009

for Layla

Remember the owl I made from Tiny Yarn Animals?? Well, the girls perused that book several times over and they each picked an animal that I could make for them. Layla wanted a purple octopus, so I got to work to put it in her stocking. Next up is a pink and yellow fish for Natalie, which I started over on because I found a mistake in the instructions--eek! It will be worth it, though, these things are so fun to work on, while watching TV...when there's no laundry to fold, that is :)

AND, Layla's birthday is January 4th, soon after Christmas. I learned that first year to get her gift made or picked out before Christmas, or else she may get shafted a little bit ;) This year she really wanted a princess dress, so I hit the JoAnn clearance table while it was all an extra 1/2 off this last weekend (that's the only way I can afford this formal fabric!) and I scored these great purples for super cheap. The sash fabric is actually silk!!!

I found a Simplicity pattern (also on sale!) that doesn't have a zipper or closure. It's just elastic, but the belt gives it shape. The belt actually called for grommets, but I'm a smart mommy and didn't enjoy the thought of threading that ribbon through six grommets several times a day and determined that tying a bow would be much less irritating :) I think it's cute and I think she'll love it. We are going to have a dress-up party for her birthday, so boys and girls alike can come in their favorite dress-up clothes. I need ideas for a cake, though! I'm thinking some kind of Polly Pocket cake to go with the dress-up theme. Any ideas??


  1. i love that tiny octopous!!! so cute!

  2. The octopus is simply adorable! You daughter is going to love her dress. Cake, Hmmm...sorry no ideas. :o(

  3. Looks like Cinderella's gown!
    Cake idea: when I was little my mom a cake that looked like a ball gown with a Barbie Doll "sitting" in it. It looked like the doll was "wearing" the cake dress.