Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Still Kickin'

Even though we've been passing around a cold this week, I have managed some sewing.

I got fresh inspiration to work on this quilt some more. These double hourglass blocks are somewhat time-consuming, so I drew up a little something of what it would look like if I throw in some regular hourglass blocks, as well as some white space.

I think it's going to look beautiful and I'm glad I decided against hundreds of little double hourglasses!

On another note, Natalie got a new car seat last week and it is PINK. Very pink. Layla was lamenting that her car seat isn't pink so I let her pick out some fabric to gussy up her car seat. This is the result. I know the pillow is a little small and the cupcakes are upside down (oops) but it really makes her happy and that was the goal :)

This is Natalie's Patty doll. (Told you her car seat is super pink!) She's a Groovy Girl, you may have heard of those, and she's a favorite. However, Natalie wants me to make her some more clothes. (The outfits for these dolls run about $10 apiece!) Simplicity used to produce patterns for dolls called Dizzie Dolls, which are the same size and shape, but they are long out of print. I need one!! Not for the dolls, just the one with all the clothes on it. SO, this may be a long shot, but they are few and far between on Ebay and I have not gotten lucky enough to win one, so if any of you lurkers ;) have one, I would love to buy it from you!!! Please, please, please!!

It would make Patty oh, so happy :)

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