Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random Happenings

Today has been a kind of bummer for us. Casey was supposed to arrive home today from Officer training and have a week off. Due to some typical military miscommunications, he cannot come until Monday. A few tears and a few hundred dollars (to get his ticket changed) later, the day turned out to be one with lots to be thankful for after all. I got the above bouquet at our new Blazer's Street Market for only $1.99. It's an indoor market with LOTS of fruits, veggies and the like. And it's only a few blocks away! I picked the fancy colors for the girls and the dye the put on the stems turns the water purple. Extra cool :)

I sat down to draw and color with the girls some more and when I asked Natalie what I should draw, she said, "Granny in her tree house!" (We have a big loft with and full bath the my Mom stays in when she's here. It has a wall of windows, through which all you see is green, so that's why it's dubbed her tree house.) I gave her this when it was done and she says it's suitable for framing :) Only a mother, right? (Any tips on how to take better photos of artwork? Or should I scan it?)

An added blessing today, my girls were very calm and self-contained. While mom and I ate salmon burgers and artichoke, the girls arranged my quilt squares. They love to do this and I love that they love it.

This is not a picture of my family ;) it's a GREAT book we checked out from the library recently. I have long been a Marc Brown fan (of Arthur fame) and his illustrations here are as great as the story. Great, great, great, we love it :)

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