Friday, July 3, 2009

mail call!

My girls have been very into the mail concept lately. Every hour, someone is asking for an envelope to put their latest coloring page in to mail to Gramma, or Hannah, or Granny (who is actually in the same house.) I thought a fabric mailbox would be fun and since I've seen a felt one at Anthrolpologie, I thought finding a tutorial online would be no problem. Not so. No tutorial. So, I went with my ambition and made one anyway! With no pattern! And it turned out sooo super cute and they really love it! They played with it all day, which makes me heart happy :)


  1. You are SO STINKIN' TALENTED! I love, love, love this! I think it looks great... Watch out Anthropologie, here comes Nikki!

  2. came here via somewhere else (not quite sure i remember where! (kerrie made i believe - bookmarks)

    loving the things you're making!

    you realise if there's no mail box tutorial out there then there's definitely an opening for one... having jsut designed ladybird & bumble costumes for my daughters not sure i'm up to working out how you made that rather lovely mailbox myself!