Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh, come on, I have a compass!

This is a little baby toy I made for a baby boy shower yesterday. I have seen a few little toys like this around and since I have lots of little ribbon pieces left over from ribbon tag blankies, it was a perfect gift idea. I also sewed a layer of a Zip-loc bag into it so it makes a nice crinkly sound, cause babies love that, ya know :) Oh, and guess what? I did NOT have a circle-cutting tool to draw a circle. Which brings me to my next photos :)
Mom and I asked my MIL to come and babysit so we could go to just one day of the Denver Sew Expo on Friday. Boy did we have fun! And without kids! It was like a day off! Anyway, I bought the pattern for the quilt above. It is SO beautiful and all the little dresden pieces actually pop off the quilt a little bit. (We saw a LOT of three dementional quilting, actually.) So, a guy, (the designer's hubby) gave us a little demo of the dresden plates and tried to convince me I needed both a dresden template and a circle cutter. I need neither, I said, I have a compass, I can make a circle!
Here it is in yet another color combo. I just love it and hope to make one for each of my girls' beds when we move. You can see the rest of her things here. Very cool designs.

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  1. Love these quilts! You are WAY more ambitious than I to attempt two quilts for your girlies that are so intricate. I'll make it to your caliber... one of these days... :)