Monday, June 22, 2009

I survived!

That's right, I survived ten days of single parenting. Well, I guess I'm still single parenting, since Casey will be gone until October, but at least now my Mom is here until he gets back. AND, my sister and one of her four (almost 5!) children are visiting for the week! It's so great to have them all here and the kids are really having fun together. We walked over and fed the geese the other day. There were baby ducks and geese too! Sooo cute :)

And there's been lots and lots of playing outside, now that summer has officially become and the daily rainstorms have ebbed a little bit.
Love this one of my mom and Kelby.

I've also managed to stitch up a small pile of these double hourglass blocks. I have a ways to go. Here is what I'm going for with this, only bigger.
And, I finally got some pictures of the Amy Butler bag I made for my cousin. It went MUCH better this time, since I used regular interfacing instead of the heavy canvas she suggests. It was still hard work for my poor machine, though. I love the design, but this will be the last one of these I make with this machine, since I don't want to pay to get a timing adjustment after each bag ;)
She really loves it and it fits her new laptop perfectly.

Before I forget, I made this HILARIOUS video for my dad for Father's Day. That's him in the pants and me, my sister, my daughter Natalie and my niece Abby in the dresses. Check it out! and laugh your head off. because that's what I was doing :)

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  1. It is great that your mom is staying with you until your hubs returns. Single parenting is very difficult! Hooray for grandmas who come to the rescue! :)