Wednesday, June 3, 2009

frugality at its finest

I thought about the border for this quilt all week long. I wanted to use more jeans, but I ran out since I used them all on the blocks. I found some things downstairs that I thought would work, but didn't. I finally started diggin around my hutch and came across these vintage tea towels that I've had for several years. My dear friend Melissa gave me a huge box of vintage linens when her grandmother passed away. She has a modern flare, but remembered that I love vintage things like this. These three had holes and stains, but I'd been keeping them just in case ;) I think I like how this looks. I would ask for opinions, but I would be afraid you would all tell me to change it and I don't have any other ideas, other than buying more fabric, which I can't do right now :) I am going to buy batting, but I already have something great for the back. Now I just don't know how to quilt it. Here is another whirlygiggle quilt with loopy free-motion and here is one with straight lines. (Jacquie always has great and creative quilting ideas, all her quilts are right up my alley!) I love both of these, but I'm also not sure which color thread to use, since it's bound to show up really well on the denim. Any suggestion??


  1. my first thought was red but it wouldn't look right with the brown squares. maybe white or cream? let me know what you end up with

  2. I think it looks fine and I think red as well.

  3. Oh my goodness...I TOTALLY LOVE the border. In fact, I think it makes the's my favorite part of it! What a great use for stained tea towels! I can't wait to sit on it in person!
    Love Jana