Thursday, April 16, 2009


I was tired yesterday and my sinuses/allergies have been making things worse, so after a wearisome day, I sat down after the kids were in bed and did some therapeutic sewing. We have a lot of birthdays coming up, so it's been awhile since I sewed anything other than gifts, with a deadline! I have been admiring this quilt for awhile and got my scraps out to try and make something like it. I made 7 blocks, but I'll need about 70, so this will be an ongoing project. A great way to use my favorite scraps. I like the blue and red one in the middle the best so far.

This is too lovey not to share :) I left Casey this note after he left for work last night (he goes straight to school on Thursdays after coming home for a quick shower.)
And he left me this one this morning. If you know Casey and how he feels about Pepsi, you know this is a super-sweet thing for him to say :)
AND, have you seen this pattern????? It's new and you can bet I'll be investing in this one. LOVE it and can't wait to try it. Her others are great too.

Something else I want to make: Bunny Bowling! Hellooooo, awesome.

Friday's almost here! Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. you better keep that note sweet!

  2. Totally sweet note, but OH.MY.WORD!!!!! How stinkin' cute is that outfit? I love it! I can't wait till you make it so I can drool over it! (Oh, and I got my new sewing machine yesterday....WoooHOOO!)

  3. Hi Nikki....I've been 'lurking' behind the scenes.....I have some 'little' girl patterns I would love to send you. My DGdaughters have outgrown them or some they out grew before I even got the pattern opened. Let me know if you would like them!!!