Monday, April 6, 2009

Doll Quilt

These doll quilts are so much fun! I made this one for a little friend who's turning two in a couple of weeks. I happen to know she loves baby dolls, so I hope this does its job and keeps hers warm :)
Here's the back. I free-motioned in a loopy pattern. I like the loopies better than stippling. I think stippling kinda looks like worms or amoebas or something. I know that's really weird. whatever.
And, I'm really excited about this fabric I got for my Easter skirt. I'm going to use the yard sale wrap skirt pattern in Heather Ross's book, Weekend Sewing. I really wanted a large scale print and I'm glad I managed to find one. And that I had a coupon for it :) I know, Easter's in a week, so I'd better get busy!


  1. Nikki....Just found (in my heap of a purse) your blog address, and I AM SO EXCITED to look back at all the fabulous things you've made! We're on a WAY different level of sewing abilities, but I look forward to learning from you!
    Dana (from CBC)

  2. Your doll quilt is gorgeous! I'm sure she'll love it!