Wednesday, April 22, 2009

From 7 to 23

Yep, I have 23 of these 9-patches now. Once I got going, I just couldn't stop! I ran out of scraps, though and I don't want repeats, so I'll have to work on it as I get some more. I just finished up a quilt last night (nope, can't share yet!), so I can make a few more now with the scraps from that.
I also finished knitting this hat for Kelby this week. As you can see by the way it fits Layla's head, it's way too big for him. That's okay, the cold weather is over for this year (knock-on-wood) so maybe it will fit fine next winter.
I really wanted to share this kid's book with you all. I got it from the library last week and what a great story with a great message!!! It's about a girl who wants to be known for something other that her beautiful hair, so she strives to be a kind person and be known for her kindness instead. Eventually she donates her hair to kids in need and at the end, her dad, when kissing her goodnight, instead of saying, "Goodnight, my Melissa of the beautiful, beautiful hair," as he always said before, he says, "Goodnight, my Melissa of the beautiful, beautiful heart." I don't know why that makes me tear up, I guess I'm a sap today :)
Here's a couple of pictures just for fun. Kelby loves to wander into the girls' room and they involve him in whatever they are doing. That's a Cheerio stuck to his tooshie, in case you are wondering.
And here he is sucking on his toes. He does this a lot and I think it's pretty funny :)

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