Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some more for the littles

I made this little dress for Natalie, but it turned out to fit Layla a little bit better. Soo cute and she loves it :)
Here's the back. She did a good job runnin' around this tree so I could get some good pictures :)
And, since I bought a five-pack of onesies to make Kelby's tractor one, I decided to go ahead and embellish the rest of them. No sense havin' plain white onesies around, right? The tie one is my favorite by far. I'm not so sure about the bow tie, though. Oh, well.

My friend Jen bought me a plane ticket to come see her (yay!) so tomorrow morning the little guy and I are wishing Daddy and Grandma good luck with the girls and leaving for Reno. I'm very excited. I will miss my girls, but since having Natalie, (who's 4) I've only spent a total of three nights away from the kiddos. It will be a nice break to only have one little one for five days. There will be some sewing going on while I'm there and since I can't leave home without my Mac ;) there may be a post or two even while I'm gone. So, we're off like a terd o' hurtles! I mean, a herd o' turtles ;)


  1. Hey Girl!

    Sorry it's taken me sooooo long to get back to you. Moving has kept me constantly swamped for weeks now. However, we are LOVING Longmont like crazy!!!!! You'll have to come see our loft some time after you return. It's right up our alley!

    Love all the cute things you have been making. I REALLY miss my sewing room!!! I just haven't had time to put it all together yet so it's just sadly sitting in piles on the floor in the sewing area. One day I'll get it all together.

    Hope you're having fun on your vacation!

  2. How can I "follow" your blog? It looks like a FUN blog!