Thursday, March 5, 2009


I determined on Sunday to do very little if any sewing this week for the sole purpose of purging my house. Somehow adding a fifth person to our family put us over the edge as far as stuff and space goes, so I now have 5 big bags to give away and let's just say it's a good thing the trash truck is coming today :) Today I'm washing and packing up a ton of stuff to sell to the consignment store tomorrow. Whew! It feels good. Anyway, I did sew these little shorts for Kelby. I had cut them out last week sometime and so it really only took a few minutes. I'm going to buy a white shirt and applique a little tractor on there to match, I think.
I'm also knitting him a hat, because I was in a knitting mood while watching American Idol the other night and Hobby Lobby was out of the yarn I need to make a certain gift for a certain someone :) It's sitting on top of a laptop case I made last week out of this GREAT pear fabric my mom bought me a few months ago. I made it because I decided to take my laptop with me when Kelby and I go to Reno to visit my friend Jenn in a few weeks. Yay!
This is a book my parents bought Natalie for her birthday. We read it together a few days ago while the little ones were napping and then I showed her the real Matryoshka dolls my dad got us when he went to Russia. The book has names for all of them and now Natalie thinks these are the coolest things EVER. We can only get them down when Layla isn't around, though, since she's not so gentle. Great book, thanks Granny and Papa!

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  1. I am so proud to call you my friend, Nikki Schreiner! I was looking back at your older posts (some of your firsts) and my how many memories there are. Natalie was sooooooo little, and my first ever diaper bag-for Andrew. My how times have changed! You are an amazing person.