Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flying Geese

I finally finished this quilt, yay! I was trying to think of a funny title, but nothing I could think of made much sense, except to Natalie, who knows what a goose is because of her walks with her Granny among all the "goose poop". But I didn't want to relate the word poop to this quilt because it is FABULOUS :)
I pieced the binding out of the spare strips I had. Love the effect of that.
And this quilt is made super-snuggy by the sooooft corduroy on the back.
I was SO excited to finish this and then get it wrapped up to gift to my dear, generous, encouraging friend Angela. She LOVES it, it was sooo much fun giving it to her. So, Natalie and I said goodbye to the geese and they flew off to Miss Ang's house, with promises to USE it and NOT to hang it on the wall!! ;)


  1. gorgeous quilt! what a lucky friend!

  2. I LOVE it soooo much!! It is so cozy that I fell asleep on the couch with it last night! Thank you a million times! I love you girl!

  3. wow! that's a LOT of geese. very nice work.

  4. this is a great pic of the two of you! I love the quilt!