Monday, March 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I'm home!!! It was a GREAT trip, but I did really miss Casey and my girls so I was very happy to see them :) This is a picture of Jenn and I at the chocolate bar (mmmmm). It's the first picture of us together since Natalie was a baby!
This is picture of the view on the way to Carson City. It looks a lot like Colorado!
And of course, I have to share a little bit of my loot from the several fabric stores we visited. These will be a quilt soon. Jenn actually gave me the middle print because it is such a perfect match for the two bird prints.
And I had to post a picture of what I'm working on now, but this will be it for awhile because I can't ruin a surprise for someone special.
This is what I brought back for the girls. We LOVE Groovy Girls dolls. We are not going to do the Barbie thing and I think these are such a great alternative. Natalie had gotten one doll for her b-day last year and I wanted to maybe find another doll and an outfit or something to bring back for them. They are pricey, though, so I didn't think I'd find anything. BUT, Jenn and I went to Target and these horses with dolls were marked down from $28 to $6.99 each!!!!! So, I bought two. I still can't believe it, it was such a steal! The girls are in love with them. Nanette and Andie even came to the mall play place with us today :)

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