Monday, September 24, 2007


These fabrics came in the mail the other day. My mom is going to make Natalie a quilt for her toddler bed, so this is what I picked for that. LOVE them. I ordered them from Purl Soho, which I also love because I can shop entire collections instead of spending hours at the fabric store and not finding three fabrics that really go together! Have I told everyone how fed up I am with my local fabric store?

Also, I'm really excited because I've determined to give quilting a try. I have tried a few times in the past, but bit off more than I could chew and so I gave up early. I used some money from a bag I sold last week and ordered 12 fat quarters from this collection. That was after I went to a quilt store in town (sort of in town) and bought a simple-enough-looking pattern. Casey even said I could use his dinosaur blanket for the inside so I won't have to buy batting and it will be soooooo warm. Also a good way to get rid of the dino blanket, if you know what I mean ;) I'm very excited.

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