Thursday, September 6, 2007

Natalie's First Hair Cut

Becky came over to trim my hair a few weeks ago and Natalie said her "hair needs fixed, isso messy". So Miss Bucky trimmed her hair. She was thrilled, she didn't stop talking about it all week and every time Bucky's name comes up, she talks about it still. Awww, my baby is such a big girl.

Casey started working nights this week at UPS, so I've been all by my lonesome at night. It's okay, though, it's a huge blessing for us.

I've been on a *green* kick lately, thinking a lot about recycling, using less energy and generally having less. It seems overwhelming, so we're starting small. The girls and I are not watching any TV during the day anymore and I trimmed my closet by half. Just being mindful of the true cost of things, makes shopping less appealing. Casey and I have decided to opt for a small piece of land instead of neighborhood living when we own our own place eventually, so we can maybe have a greenhouse in the future to grow our own food. It will be a big lifestyle change, since we've both been city rats all our lives, but we get more and more excited about a slower pace. Anyway, just some thoughts. A great sermon series from Mars Hill Bible Church called, "God is Green" can be download here.

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