Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Birthday Boy and other things

 We celebrated Kelby's birthday over the weekend and he kept saying it was the best birthday ever. He says that every year ;) I love birthdays so much!

He wanted a Lego Mixel cake. In the past, my friend Melissa has made us the most awesome cakes ever. I am not good at cakes so I had no problem hiring that part out. But, alas, we have moved away from Melissa and her awesome cakes and I've had to do them myself. The best I could do was get blue cake mix, orange frosting with sprinkles in Mixel-ish colors and buy these pdf cupcake toppers on Etsy. He loved it, so I succeeded :)

 We picked mustache plates. Things got silly.

Kelby is still building and rebuilding some Lego sets he got for his birthday. Legos are the coolest. He also got some Zoobs, which are pretty cool too!

You know what is not cool? The storing and the everywhere-ness and the stepping on of the Legos. We have Legos everywhere, all the time. They're by far the most played with toy at our house. They're mostly played with in the main rooms, occasionally in bedrooms, but they're stored down here in a hall closet. We have plastic bins of all sizes, a rolling cart with Heartlake City covering it, a bathtub with Bionicles playing war and certain spots on the rug that are Kelby's go-to building sites.

I'd ask what your solutions are for the Lego problem, but I've determined ... there is no solution. Ha! Don't tell Casey, though, he's been brainstorming for years about how to solve the Lego dilemma. But, I've given up. I don't mind having Legos everywhere because of the endless hours of fun they provide my kids. The best I can do is have them generally contained by the end of each day and that'll have to do.

That said, if you have solved the Lego problem, please let the rest of us in on your secret in the comments ;)


  1. Happy Birthday to Kelby! I don't think there is a storage solution for Legos, but even if there is, your children get to play with their Legos, so you don't need it. The children grow up fast...someday you and Casey will remember the "Legos all over" time in your lives and wish you could have that time back. :)

  2. I don't mind the Legos everywhere either. :o) We were doing pretty good about keeping them contained until Rocket was born. He is now 2 and he scatters his Legos (and Opie's too) everywhere.

    We have a flexible "system". I sewed up several HUGE drawstring bags (the circle ones that spread out flat when you open them) that hang from a row of hooks. Each bag is a Lego Theme: Atlantis, Ninjago, SuperHeros, etc. I used fabric that matched the theme as best as possible (Atlantis is underwater fish print). :o) Then we have 2 boxes of mixed up Legos and 3 shelves for displaying creations that Opie doesn't want to take apart yet. All of the instructions are in a separate box. The Lego games are kept with our family board games. Opie also has a Lego brand box for Minifigs.

    We have a set of Zoobs too. Yep, they're pretty cool. :o) I let the boys take them in the car.