Friday, August 22, 2014

Natalie sews

Last week I ordered this book for my girls:
 I've always given them free reign with their sewing machine and the box of up-for-grabs fabrics, but they are wanting to make more sophisticated things, from patterns and such. I try to make time at least weekly to sew with them, but I wanted them to have a little freedom to follow directions and make things without me. This book is great for that! There are color coded projects, according to how much help they might need. I helped Natalie make the first of these felt flowers and then she was off. She moved on to another project from the book and made it with no help at all!

 She made a headband out of this one, sorry the pic isn't better.
She taught Layla how to make these too and now both my girls are skilled with a glue gun. I think it's revolutionized their crafting, haha!

I haven't sewn a ton the last few weeks, I've been working on other things and enjoying homeschooling. I did make Casey another pillow case yesterday. He picked this fabric himself at the quilt store a couple weekends ago. He doesn't ask for much, so when he wants me to sew something for him, I try to oblige :)

I've been working on a photo book for allllll my 2013 photos. I finished my Project Life scrapbook for 2012. But, I've decided that while it's something I really do enjoy, I don't make time for scrapbooking. It requires a lot of gear, which costs a lot of money and takes up a lot of space and I am really wanting to pare down our belongings even more than we already have. Clutter affects my mental state so much. Really, I just want the photos off my computer and in my hands. And Shutterfly photo albums fit the bill for that. Plus, they take up a lot less shelf space than my scrapbooks, which are all on a closet shelf right now!

I've also been getting friendly with my camera again. I realized I haven't been taking many photos these last few months, other than with my phone (which still count, especially since Shutterfly can upload right from your Instagram account!) Making the photo album inspired me to pick my big camera up again for the sake of memories! Someone said some kinda mean things about my photo skills awhile back and it really discouraged me more than I was willing to admit. Made me feel mediocre. But, that's dumb and I need to forget it and do it because I think it's fun and not because there's some educational/fancy gear criteria for calling yourself a photographer! Ha!

So, I think I should be compensated for my endorsements today, from Shutterfly and that sewing book, don't you?? ;)


  1. Oh yes you should be compensated, because I had no clue you could grab your Instagram photos on Shutterfly! I have an account, but I haven't used it in sooooo long.

    If there's a boy version of that sewing book, I will totally buy it!

    I have always admired your beautiful photos! They inspire me to work harder on my photography skills.


  2. Natalie is such a cutie and obviously very creative! I think you have done your girls a huge favor by passing on your sewing skills and passion. Boo for the person who criticized your photography! I completely understand how that could hurt. I'm very insecure about my photography skills too and would love to get better at it, but for once I'm trying hard not to feel the pressure. I figure that nobody ever got hurt by bad photography! :D

  3. I've always thought your photography was beautiful!

    I didn't know that about Instagram pics either!

  4. I love shutterfly books too and it's the only way I've found myself to actually make collections of digital photos. Until I discovered them my photos just languished on my computer and never got looked at. Now my son has open access to all the photo books and I think it helps him to remember some of the things we did when we lived in other places and to remember his extended family who all live far away!
    I wish I had a girl too so I'd have someone who might be interested in sewing. My son has sewn a couple of things with me,but he's not super interested in general!