Thursday, August 14, 2014


It's my baby's birthday today! Aw. He's been counting down the days for weeks, he's been so excited.

I'll have lots of bday pics to share tomorrow, I bet.

But for now, as long as he still sits like this, I will still call him "my baby boy." I love those toes.

The gift that I am most excited to give him is the "mix tape" I made him for his birthday! I saw this idea on another blog last week and immediately started my list of songs to put on his mix tape. I decorated it with my sad attempt at a sharpie Emmett (of course). I'd love to make these each year for my kids' birthdays! You have to know someone really well to compile all their favorite songs, that what makes these special ;)
Here's what's on it:

  1. Everything is Awesome (The Lego Movie)
  2. The Pirates who Don't Do Anything by Reliant K on the Veggie Rocks album
  3. Life is a Highway by Rascal Flats
  4. Mercy is Falling, on Crazy Praise Volume 2
  5. Fix my Eyes by For King and Country
  6. Afro Circus/I like to Move it by Chris Rock from Madagascar 3
  7. Fruit of the Spirit, on Crazy Praise Volume 2
  8. Happy Day by Shane and Shane
  9. Come Home Perry (Phineas and Ferb)
  10. I Just Can't Wait to be King (The Lion King)
  11. I've got a Dream (Tangled)
  12. Reindeers are Better than People (Frozen)
  13. In Summer (Frozen)
  14. Bare Necessities (The Jungle Book)
  15. Today is Gonna be a Great Day (Phineas and Ferb theme song by Bowling for Soup)
  16. When Can I See You Again by Owl City (Wreck-it Ralph)


  1. What does it say about me that I would be totally happy to receive his mix tape? Song #2, oh yeah! :o) Oh and I recognized Emmet right away, so your Sharpie skills aren't too shabby.