Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer. Finally!

Since June hit, it feels like Summer has finally arrived! School is out, the pool is IN, woohooooo!!

However, it is reeeeaaaaally starting to hit me that we are moving in less than three months. Across the country. Thankfully, I'm not stressing (today, haha), but knowing this is the last Spring in our beloved house here has had me savoring every moment.

One of my favorite things about Spring at our house is watching our snowball tree in the back yard come to life. I can't help but take pictures of it each year because it's just so beautiful.

When we first bought this place (our first house), we'd been living in my parents' patio home, which we are still SO thankful for because it allowed Casey to get his degree, which has been unbelievably worth the time, stress and five years of being flat broke all the time, all while having three babies in three-and-a-half years. Seriously... IT IS WORTH IT! Anyway, the patio home had a very small cement back "yard" and the neighborhood had no sidewalks. Our house now has a huuuuuge backyard with an awesome deck, surrounded by trees and a play house to boot. We were so happy to have some outside play space. And we still enjoy it so much. Holy cow, I'm totally tearing up because I'm so thankful for our time here and because it's so hard to leave! Ack!

Those are my kiddos now. And because I'm feeling this nostalgic, here's some blasts from the past...
And one of my all-time favorites ever:
And I'm praying that whoever rents our wonderful house will love it and use it as we do!

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  1. You are so blessed to have spent such wonderful times with your kids. I hope you find as nice a house as you have, but if not remember a home is really the family that live in it. Just like a church is really the people who worship and serve there. You have a beautiful family so you will be at home wherever you go and whatever comes your way. God bless you on your move. I hope you continue your blog. I have enjoyed it.