Thursday, June 13, 2013

more shorts

I am really happy with this next pair of shorts. It's no secret that lace is really "in" this season, but being 31 and not 21, I try to be careful about which laces I can pull off. Granny chic is not a good look for me ;) But, I snatched up an edgier black lace fabric at Denver Fabrics a few trips ago, thinking it would make a nice skirt for Christmastime. I had so much of it, though, that I decided to replicate some of the cute lace shorts I'm seeing around right now and I'll still have enough for a black skirt at Christmas!

I used McCall's 6756, a brand new Fashion Star pattern and exactly what I was looking for.

I inserted a perfect front fly too! Yay, me. Here's a pic of the lace fabric and what it looks like:
I like how the scallops hang over the hem, these shorts feel classy and feminine and I have several tops to wear with them, which I try to think about when making basics like shorts. I used solid black cotton for the underlining. I think it would be pretty to use a color for my Christmas skirt later. Or silver! That would be pretty too. What do you think?


  1. I've been waiting for someone to sew this pattern! I got all ready to trace it out one day and ran out of tracing paper...and knew I couldn't just cut into the pattern pieces :)

    I love them! They are edgy yet classy and definitely age appropriate. Nice work!

  2. Well you avoided Granny Chic and hit Elegant Casual right on the head!

    As for your Christmas skirt (you're the second person to mention Christmas this week!!!), Silver would look soooo pretty and I also keep imagining it with a lime green. More contemporary Christmas than traditional if you went with the lime. :o)

  3. Nice shots! I was waiting to see this made up and saw your shorts on pattern review. I may give these a try. I look forward to seeing your black lace skirt.