Wednesday, December 12, 2012

reindeer fudge

I saw this on Pinterest recently and had to make some! I love peanut butter fudge, and dressing it up like this makes it a perfect little present for the kids to give to their co op teachers, piano teacher, Awana leaders, etc... Hmm, I think I need to make another batch. Good thing it's easy ;) Here's the link to the recipe. They're a good size too, more than a one-bite treat.
 The antlers were my own addition, just a brown pipe cleaner :)


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  2. Hi, Nikki:

    That fudge looks tasty AND adorable. Such a win-win.

    I found your blog more than a year ago via someone else's link to it. I'm not sure I've ever commented (not sure why that is). I will work on that.

    I love your blog. Seems like a nice family. My husband and I live in Minnesota with our 4-year-old son. I am considering homeschooling him next year but we'll see.

  3. Hi Nikki. I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog / One Inspirational Blogger Award!