Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Christmas

We had a very nice Christmas. I just love Christmas day. It was just the five of us and so relaxing and fun. My whole family (except me) stayed in their p.j's all day ... except for when the girls put on some princess dresses.

The Barbie house was a huge success. If I should post more detailed pictures and some how-I-did-it instructions, let me know in the comments and I'd be happy to do that.

Christmas Eve, new p.j.'s and game night!
 Headbanz. Playing this with Kelby is hilarious.
 The finished Barbie beach house! I took these pics when it was still kinda dark outside, so they're not great, but I wanted to take picture before they started redecorating.
 See the waves in the windows? :) Some of the furniture we already had from a Goodwill score, but I saw a huge thing of Barbie furniture in a black Friday ad for super cheap at Target. I went that night at 7:30, not expecting there to be anything left, but I got the last one!!! I was pretty happy about that.
 I got this fuzzy shot of Natalie's face when she saw it!

Kelby and Daddy playing with his tools and truck.

 I got Kelby's Tonka fire truck at Saver's. I didn't realize it was missing the middle wheels and the battery cover thing.  :( I was super bummed out on Christmas Eve about it.  I don't know why I was so upset because he really doesn't care, he has played with it and the little firefighters I got for his stocking ALL day and is playing with it as we speak, actually. I cut a piece of cardboard the right size for the battery cover and duct taped it on. He loves it and it is huuuuuuge. The ladder extends and rescues stuff :)

 He rescued Barbie from her roof several times.
Casey and I played Blokus a lot yesterday, I got it for him and it is super fun!!! Mr. Strategy, though, he wins most of the time. I'm getting there, though!

I got to sew a lot yesterday too! I had ordered Colette's Juniper pants pattern with birthday money and made them yesterday. They're almost done and they're looking good! Can't wait to share!

Oh, and Casey and I, out of necessity because Natalie dropped our laptop, which was our only computer, and because as the kids get older and homeschooling plugs along, the little old laptop was not cutting it anymore, got this last week...
It's awesome. Seriously. Apple knows their stuff. It sure is making photo editing and blogging and pretty much everything else computer related much more fun!

I hope you all had a wonderful day of celebrating Christ's birth and dwelling on your blessings!!

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