Tuesday, December 18, 2012

hustle and bustle

Only 1 week until Christmas!! I am SO excited for Christmas morning. The DIY Barbie house is done and in hiding and the fire engine is safely tucked away. I can't wait to see my kids' faces. I think Christmas is the one day a year that I have no problems getting myself out of bed early! Someone's got to put the monkey bread in the oven and get the camera ready for those first joyful smiles!

My mom took the girls shopping for Christmas dresses (with matching accessories, of course) and they have worn them two Sundays in a row and will definitely wear them again this Sunday.

 Kelby was not into wearing a "Christmas shirt". He is so funny about this clothes. He likes elastic waistbands--he calls them his "easy peasey pants". He doesn't get sweater vests because it doesn't make sense to him to wear two shirts--he just think a sweater vest is a summer shirt. And any shirt with a hood or pockets, he insists is a jacket. He's all about easy clothes, kinda like someone else I know... ;)
 Natalie took this one. Not bad :)
 I am loving how my fridge looks with all the Christmas cards rolling in!!! Makes me smile to see so many of my loved ones right here in my kitchen.
 Granny left to go back to Mongolia today :( But, she left us with some awesome slipper/socks!

All my shopping is done and we don't have a lot of plans this week, although the pile of presents under our tree has inspired me to make room for them in our house! Whipped several rooms into shape yesterday and it felt great.


  1. Your posts always bring me good cheer, Nikki! Much love to all of you for Christmas...Amy

  2. Beautiful photos and memories at a lovely family time of year...enjoy Christmas together...J

  3. Sweet! Your girls look so pretty and so do you! I do not have the presents wrapped yet, so I should probably get going on that. :-)