Monday, September 10, 2012

one skirt, many ways

I am SO happy with how my latest project turned out!! I have an Ann Taylor skirt that I picked up at a thrift store last year and just really love the fit of. So, when I got some yellow corduroy on clearance at Denver Fabrics, I set out looking for a pattern to copy that skirt. I wanted a skirt with a waistband and I wanted it straight, not a-line. I found it in New Look 6030. I love all the pocket variations on this pattern and that it has belt loops!

Since versatility is my wardrobe sewing goal lately, here's my new yellow skirt, worn 4 different ways:

After taking these photos, I kept finding more things in my closet that this skirt will go with! I took a bit of extra time in getting the fit perfect, so it is super comfortable to wear. I really love the ruffly pockets:
 I decided to add a lining after I had the shell complete. I tried it on and could see my undies right through it, so I grabbed this cute cotton pin stripe and lined it.
I have plans to make at least two more of these in the coming months, but with some of the different pocket options, so they'll look totally different. Can't wait!

I've been pretty inspired by a few sewing bloggers' posts on creating more practical sewn wardrobes. One is this post on Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing. I love the idea of creating pieces that mix and match with at least 3 other things in my wardrobe and that can go with some things I already made that I have nothing to wear with (the plaid jacket in the third photo above is a case in point).  Also, I'm loving this series of posts on A Fashionable Stitch. The gist is to sew more everyday clothes and things comfortable and cute, that can be worn around the house or anywhere. I don't know about you, but I need to feel cute in my clothes, even if no one sees me all day but my kids--it just helps me function at my best! I know some home schoolers love to stay in their p.j.'s all day occasionally, but I'm a mean mommy and make my kids get dressed for school--I even do the girls' hair, because how we look affects how others treat us and how we feel about ourselves, there's just no way around it!


  1. This skirt is really you - love the pocket detail and lining! You will be making a few more of these...

  2. I'm so taking a second look at this pattern! I love it!

  3. Great skirty! Love the ruffle on the pockets.

  4. So cute! And I recognize that jacket from last year! I want to make one of those so bad! :)