Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just a dress I forgot to blog and a purging update

Whoops. I made this about a month ago and never got around to posting it! Pics were taken and everything, it just slipped my mind.

This is Butterick 5456 and it's one I've made before--you can see that version here (second dress down); it's probably my fave handmade dress of all time. I still wear it quite a bit!

This knit didn't work quite as well. It's a rayon jersey, but definitely has more stretch than the black knit I used before. I still really like it, but it just droops a bit more, causing the arm holes to gape a bit and the back to barely cover my bra under the key hole. I have to watch my p's and q's, which I don't want to do in an easy Summer dress, ya know?? Maybe I can find a way to take the whole thing up at the shoulders. We'll see.

I do not have a fake tan, I just couldn't get the colors right when editing these photos, hence the orange skin, ha!

In other news, Casey and are lovin' the new uncluttered vibe that some of the rooms in our house have acquired these last few weeks. I decided to keep some of the scrapbook supplies, since a lot of that doubles as other craft supplies and for the girls to use later, but the stamps and ink are going. If you're local and interested, let me know!

In the spirit of getting rid of both physical and mental clutter, I've decided the Etsy shop is both--the stuff takes up space and the mental burden is just too much, with the shipping, the photos, the ironing, the listing time, etc... Plus, you really have to be networked with lots of other things online, as well as active in the Etsy forums to be successful at it and I'd like to spend less time online, not more. That was the biggest deciding factor for me. I hadn't determined if the shop would be a long-term thing or not, but now that I've decided, I'm relieved. I made a nice little chunk of change and now it's time to pass the stuff along! Again, if you're local and want to dig through my vintage patterns, they're yours for the taking :) Just tell me soon, cause I'm not planning on keeping them around for long. I've obtained some vintage linens recently that I'll be passing along to friends who are into that sort of thing.

Whew! The purging is going well and feeling good! It's been a great week! It's AMAZING how much easier it is to keep a clean house when there's just a little less stuff!!!


  1. Your dress is lovely! That's a fantastic, colourful print. Glad to hear that the decluttering is having such a positive effect on your life! I have a ton that I want to do soon!

  2. i'm local and would love some patterns! particularly dress ones, 'cause you always have the cutest dresses and i have 3 (!!) hunks (technical term) of fabric that need to be turned into something wearable. :)