Thursday, November 3, 2011

speaking of organizing things...

...check out what I made for our school supplies!
It's made out of an ice cream bucket! Clever, right? The pattern is this one...
I'm pretty sure this pattern has been in the catalog almost my entire life. I actually remember it as a kid, but it gets overlooked because the styling is a bit dated :) The view on the top left is out of a five gallon bucket! If you adjusted the pockets, don't you think that could make an awesome Barbie case? Each doll gets a pocket and all the clothes go in the bucket! And, easy to carry around too.

Now that I've made one and we are already finding it so handy, the possibilities are endless. So far, keeping all the supplies in one place is really easing the after school or random card-making mess. And it's pretty enough to remain a permanent fixture in the middle of our big table :) I even toted it to our homeschool co op today because we are always needing more scissors, glue and markers in my little ancient history and crafts class.

I thought about making a few for gifts too, but then I realized how much ice cream we would need to eat in the next several weeks. Ha!


  1. You could pass out buckets of ice cream to your friends, and tell them to return the bucket when they've eaten it all!

  2. The one with baby items would be a great shower gift idea!

  3. I need one! My sister will need one, my Grandma could use one, the list goes on. Just wait till summer I will get you some ice cream buckets, and then you will have to show me how to make them ;)