Monday, September 12, 2011

Chalkboard paint

I bought a huge frame at a garage sale last summer and finally, before we started our current school year, got around to giving it new life as a chalkboard! Whenever Casey and I undertake a new house project, big or small, we tend to bounce a LOT of ideas around before jumping in. In this case, we decided to buy a piece of plywood, have it cut the right size, paint it, then screw it right into the wall, screwing the frame on over it. I didn't want it hung like a regular picture because I need it to stay put while in use! Here's how it turned out:
So, now that I've used the stuff, here are my tips for successfully using chalkboard paint:

  • Buy the roll-on kind. I tried the spray paint first and even though I primed my wood first, I had a hard time getting an even coverage. I used the whole can over several coats and it still looked spotty. Plus, it didn't erase at all.
  • Let it cure for 3 or 4 DAYS! Don't use it at all until it's been that long! 
  • Before using it, rub a piece of sideways chalk all over it in a circular motion, so it gets in all the tiny cracks. Then, rub that in with your eraser, also in a circular motion. After that, wipe down with a warm rag and you're good to go! 
  • Don't use colored chalk! It does not wipe off. The white chalk comes off fine with a wet rag, but the colored stuff stays. 
Although not the same as a real chalkboard, this is working for me! Just don't expect it to erase very well with just the eraser. Every couple days, I just take the wet rag to it and it looks like new :)


  1. what a fun idea! i have a chalkboard in my kitchen, but it moves a lot while i write on it. this one would be great since it stays in place!

  2. Oooh, thanks for the tips! Yours looks great!