Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I got my sewing groove back

Ever since the few months before we moved, I was not feelin' the sewing all that much.  I managed to accomplish a few things, but after flipping through some of my sewing books and magazines and being faced with a few baby showers, somehow I managed to get re-inspired to sew, yay!  I  have managed to finish a few things and to start a few things.  One of those things is a gift, so I can't share that yet and I'm still waiting to buy batting for Natalie's quilt, so that will have to wait too.  However, I did start this quilt for our bedroom:
(not the clearest pic, sorry about that.)  I really wanted to showcase the bird fabric, so my first thought, of course was a log cabin design, but I wanted to do something different.  I decided on the stacked coin idea and I really think it's beautiful.  It's a great design for scraps too, since I just pulled everything green, yellow and brown out of my scrap bin and cut away.  Can't wait to finish!

Then, since I've been wanting a new bag of some sort for Fall and I can't afford the Fossil ones that are SO awesome, I sat down and made this beauty out of what was left of my Flea Market Fancy fabrics.  I tend to take either my Bible, my journal, a textbook or another book with me almost everywhere I go, so tote bag styles work well for me.  I found this pattern in an older edition of Sew News magazine and added an inside pocket.  I'm very happy with it, can't wait to use it!

I'll be sharing some more in the coming days.  Hope you all had a happy Tuesday :)

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  1. Love that tote. I'm trying to teach myself to carry a tote, I have tons of them. Ever since my kids outgrew diaper bags (many years ago) I tend to just want to carry my wallet. But, really, everything doesn't fit in a wallet. Your tote gives me an idea. Maybe I'll work on it next. Thanks. ~ Nita