Friday, August 6, 2010

Check it out!

On the very day of our ninth wedding anniversary, I totally made a heart in my latte! Not even on purpose!! Cool, right???

In other news, here was the view from my new-to-me rocking chair now on my front porch, thanks to my best buddy Craig and his fabulous "list":

Natalie helping Daddy try to fix the squealing breaks on the car.  (It couldn't be done. I blame my side of the family's curse of always having squeaky breaks.  I've come to terms with it and so must Casey, I think.)

And Kelby's big-boy summer haircut.  Isn't he soooo cute and big? Can you believe he's turning TWO? Cause I can't.

And one more thing :)  My cousin Jordan came over last week with a grand little idea that I had to share. She works at a school and has to wear this lanyard I.D. all the time and so she wanted a cooler lanyard than everyone else's and asked if I could sew a strip for her.  Here's how it looks.  It took about a minute and it was a great little idea, I think! And maybe a good gift idea for the teachers or administrators in your life?

Gotta go, there's a herd of elephants upstairs where my kids are supposed to be sleeping, hahaha.


  1. I don't know...the "heart" looked a little bit more like the Virgin Mary to me. Maybe you should not have drunk that latte!


  2. remember Natalie and her "toodles" (tools) helping Papa with her bike? As for the noisy brakes, last year Dad took it to a brake place the day after he landed in US. After 30 years and $300, no more screaming brakes!