Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the new homefront

As promised, here are a couple picture of the front of the house we're buying! We think it's awesome :)

I started a home notebook this last week. I picked a color palette and sort of went from there, picking out paint colors, etc, based on the furniture and things that we already have.

I found this picture in a Pottery Barn Kids catalog and would like to try to make a cool map-wall like this in Kelby's room. Kelby will have a room! Right now, he sleeps in our basement, poor guy.

This one is from the same catalog. The girls would love tents like these and Casey doesn't think it would be hard. But, he's not the sewer, now is he?? It could be doable, though, with a good deal on some sheets from a thrift store.

Since I have all these great ideas, but no house quite yet, Casey hauled my soon-to-be-dresser out of the basement for me and took it out to the garage, so I can paint it black and make it look like this...

...I love this look, even the cool frames and knobs with the jewelry. Hopefully this will keep me busy for awhile, until I can get my hands on that house!!


  1. these are wonderful ideas! it looks like it is going to be a beautiful.

  2. Oh my gosh it's adorable! Congrats again and have fun with all the planning. :D

  3. I can't think of another house that looks anymore like you Nikki. It already looks so neat and crafty. I can't wait to see all your own little touches. Congratulations!!

  4. Your new house is soooo cute! I love the red door with the blue. I just painted all my shutters myself(without the hubby's help!) and painted and front door red.Fixing up your new home with be so much fun! Congrats, Amie in Tn. :o)