Thursday, May 20, 2010

house things

SO, has it really been over a week since I last posted?? Sorry about that. We are well on our way to getting into our new house next month, but during all this waiting around, I decided I needed some projects to keep me busy. So, I started painting. First, I painted this chandelier that we scored on Craig's List for $10. It has whimsical, frosted glass thingies that go on it and are in beautiful condition. It was wood and brass before and this looks so much better, take my word for it because I didn't think to take a before picture :)

Then, we got these two awesome chairs at the thrift store because the owners or the house are leaving a beautiful banquette table in the kitchen with an L-shaped bench on two sides. These chairs will go on the other two sides. Here's the before (but without the padded seat, obviously...)

...and here's the one I've painted! I had this fabric on hand from a few years ago so I recovered the seat and painted the chair white. So cute.

And my biggest project.....I painted my dresser black! this was a dresser from the 70's that came from Casey's family (I'm not quite sure who) and it looked....well 70's :) I painted it black and added these awesome knobs (that look like Anthropologie, but really came from Hobby Lobby) and I cannot even believe the difference it made! I love it now and am really excited to do some more furniture makeovers :)

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  1. I love the color of the chandelier. I want to see pics of the house and the room its in once you get in a settled. For some reason the after pic of the chair is not coming up. I am sure it looks great but I can't see it. Congrats on getting a house.