Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i missed one! and boy toys

I missed sharing this last handmade gift! I made this little Amy Butler Stash & Dash bag for my cousin for Christmas. I love that hounds tooth fabric. I'm not a big Amy Butler pattern fan. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know how I feel about her and her ridiculous over-use of interfacing, so I won't expound on all that again today :) But, this pattern is actually not so bad.

On to the boy toys! Now that Kelby is getting to be a big boy, and now that he has a birthday and a couple of Christmases under his belt, he has quite the collection of boy toys. What he does not have, is a bedroom, so to prevent his toys from getting buried by princess things in the girls' room ;) we keep them in the living room. After Christmas, I realized the big bag/basket thing was no longer working, so....

...we came up with this! I was looking at some of the storage things at Target, but decided not to spend that much. Instead, we bought three chalkboard-faced bins at Hobby Lobby for $5 each and set them on top of an empty bookshelf that we already had. We just removed the shelves and turned it on it's side. His little trucks park inside perfectly and he can see all his toys now, which means he actually plays with them :) So, there ya go, storage doesn't have to break your bank!


  1. great storage idea...i love the picture of him with his big truck. we have two of those rolling around my living room today

  2. Good job! I love the b&w of Kelby, too

  3. Now that's the face of someone who has discovered TOYS! Tonka should feel proud. Nikki, I love the creativity that flows from your pages and projects. You're such a fun Mom!