Thursday, January 28, 2010

family drawing

On Tuesday night, we had our first family drawing time! I first read this idea in Soule Mama's book, The Creative Family and the girls have been wanting to draw with Daddy for awhile. We all enjoyed it so much that we did it again the next night...and I think Casey wants to do it again tonight!

This is Natalie's rendition of her, Layla and Kelby. Cute :)

And here's my version of our family. I'm no good at scale, that's why I revert to cartoons, where the heads can be way bigger than the bodies and nobody cares :) Natalie tried to finish my picture for me, as you can see on part of Layla's neck and shoulder. If only she'd used the other side of the marker! Oh, well, I'll smile now whenever I look at it :)

And, my husband!!!! Look how talented he is! I knew he used to like to draw, but seriously? I didn't know he could do this. He said he didn't know either :) Casey's into this drawing thing. Tonight he's going to try Layla. I'm going to have so much awesome artwork for our house! :)

I guess he comes by it honestly though, because his Dad was an amazing artist. He drew this little guy in 1974. We have several other of his drawings. I'll try to share more next time I post about our drawing time.

In the meantime, you should try it, it's SUPER fun for everyone. Except the baby, since he was supposed to be sleeping, but protested by getting his PJ's and diaper off without unzipping them! Ninja.

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