Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the parentals

These are my parents! I've mentioned before that they live overseas in Mongolia, but my mom has been here since Casey left to help me out and keep me company. The last three weeks, my dad has also been here to visit and it really was a great time. I love this photo of the three of us.

So, my mom and I have really been going through the junk in our house, trying to weed out, since we'll be moving out and they will have their house all to themselves when they're here. Let me tell ya, two households in 2000 square feet can realllly accumulate the junk :) Anyway, I scored these little owl guys and froggie that were my mom's when she was young. I LOVE them.

Then, since she knows I'm a sucker for vintage books and such, she gave me this little cutie that was my Aunt Carol's when she was young, so from the 40's maybe? She said it was in perfect condition before the fire we had in our basement when I was 11. The water damaged it. But I still love it. Thanks, Mom! Mom says everyone needs a good fire, since it really weeded out the junk FOR her from that house :)

And, I absolutely love this one of my parents. I love that they're both laughing and I'm glad I snapped this one at just the right moment.

Speaking of parenting, I picked up an excellent book called Don't Make Me Count to Three and I highly recommend it! A very biblical approach and encouraging as well. Lots of practical application and advice on how to use Scripture to train your children.

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  1. Aw, I love your parents! Give them hugs from me. :)