Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some Answered Prayers...

I was praying last night, as I have been for a few weeks now, that I would find some ways to make our days here at home more meaningful, that I would never pass up any opportunities to point my kids to Christ and that I would find ways to teach them generosity and selflessness (things I need to improve at myself.) Today the Lord gave me some very specific answers. First, I stumbled onto a blog that is making efforts to give blankets to babies in Appalachian Kentucky, where poverty is especially common and teen pregnancy is rampant. Please take some time to watch at least part of this special with Diane Sawyer and you'll see that these people don't have basic necessities, blankets included. It just so happens I've been wondering what to do with these three ribbon-tag blankets that didn't sell at farmer's market last summer. I was going to save them to give as gifts whenever I needed them, but decided this morning to go ahead and send them to these babies in need. When I laid them out to take the picture, Natalie asked me who these blankies were for and I got to tell her about the special babies we get to mail these to that will really love them because they may not have blankets at all. What a sweet conversation it was!
Second, one of my favorite blogs, Preschoolers and Peace has been answering questions from different moms and I so related to the woman she responded to today, who was having a hard time keeping her one and three-year-old occupied throughout the day without feeling like she was just killing time, waiting for the day to be over. This wonderful mom of eight answered with a great list of things she wishes she had done with her kids when they were little, before her days were consumed with homeschooling and such. This inspired us to get outside today and have a picnic lunch on the grass by our clubhouse and just let the kids be close to nature for awhile. It was wonderful. Later I'm going to get busy with a sticker chart for Scripture memorization. Another answer to prayer!

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  1. you make me soooo proud! She who rocks the cradle, rules the world :) be assured you are co-creating with God and engaged in Eternal Work