Sunday, May 18, 2008

Plushie This, Plushie That

Ever since I made Layla's Piggy, Natalie has been asking me to make her a kitty. So, I decided on this free pattern on Wee Wonderfuls and she turned out so super cute. I used a few different fabrics that I had on hand and it really gave this kitty lots of character and sass. There is lots of blanket stitching involved, which tends to take me a long time, so I considered leaving certain parts off, but I'm SO glad I didn't do that. Natalie absolutely loves her and that really makes me happy.

AND, I made this little puppy for a special niece who's turning one soon. The instructions are in Fun Dolls, the same book with the piggy in it. I did add the skirt and the bow myself and I embroidered certain parts of the face instead of cutting them out of felt. I hope she loves it as much as Layla loves Piggy :)


  1. I LOVE the kitty!! Funny that your child would love kitties and you dislike them so much... Maybe I've rubbed off on them even being this far away... or maybe it was the Cember kitty I made her when she was born... Either way, I love the look on Natalie's face as she's holding her kitty.

  2. Hey thanks! Julia said she wouldn't mind if you wrapped her gift inside that last bag you made!(hee hee hee).
    Love Jana
    P.S. Of course I'm joking :-)

  3. How adorable!!! Hmmmm...I wonder if those might not be a hot commodity around Christmas time...