Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm a Hobbyist

Yesterday we were driving to church and I told Casey I'd love to go to an Archiver's crop to scrapbook in the next few weeks and he said, "Boy, you just switch from one craft to the next, all the time." To which I said, "I'm a hobbyist honey, I can't help it." So here are some pictures of what I've been "hobbying" away at :) Some tissue holders that hold little travel tissue packs. I made six, since they're just so handy to have around. One is for a certain sister of mine that lost the first one I made her. Surprise!

Also, as you can see, I have been on a bit of a knitted dish cloth kick. The first I made for a gift and the second I made just for me. I loved making this ballband pattern, it was quick and fun and I used Bernat Cotton Tots yarn because it's so soft and more fun to work with and I'm hoping it might fade less than the Peaches and Cream. (I took this pic when it was already wet, so it doesn't do it much justice.)

And, finally, I couldn't help but share a few pics of the girls. Right after I made my last post, saying I couldn't seem to get a picture of Natalie wearing the Cinderella dress, Angela came over and managed to get a great one. Aren't my girlsies beautiful? And isn't Angela talented?

Just a few last tidbits to share. First, my lovely friend Becky has started a blog! It's called Hairspray Mama and she has some super-cute pics of her super-cute boys on there, so give her a visit if you want! ALSO, my wonderful hubby Casey started a blog last night called K.C.ritic, where he'll be critiquing movies he's seen. I felt so good about myself when he asked for my help with his html code. (Conquering technology always makes me feel empowered :) By the way, if you're planning on seeing 27 Dresses, don't waste your time. I like chick flicks, but this was total cheese whiz, if you know what I mean.

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  1. Hello. came across you're post of dishcloths. like the pattern above the ballband one. can you share the pattern? THANKS. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

    if yes I will send my e-mail