Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Aloha for now.

I've come to decision to set blogging aside. I've agonized over it for months, but suddenly feel perfectly fine with it! Blogging has changed so much in the last few years and with other means of connecting with others online and the big business that blogging has morphed into, this blog is just no longer something I make time for! I'm in the messy middle of homeschooling my growing children, along with growing my essential oils business and when I have free time, there are other things I find I'd rather do that blog.

HOWEVER, you can still find me and keep up with our family ...

As to that last one, part of the reason I updated my blog and changed the name is because I wanted it to mesh with my essential oil business. But the FDA is acting pretty tough on natural medicine companies right now and to protect our business, we are no longer allowed to post about our brand on static websites, including blogs. Add that to the fact that my custom domain was giving me fits, reverting back to my original blogspot URL and deciding to say farewell to blogging ... for now ... was an easy decision. 

So, Cheers and Aloha ... for now :)


  1. I'll miss you! You have lots of wonderful things going on in your life...enjoy the moments!!!

  2. I'll miss you Nikki! My husband is active duty and we're up near Wahiawa so I enjoyed seeing your scores from Fabricmart (I still fondly remember discovering that random hoard of tribal print rayon as well, like whoa). Good luck with everything and keep sewing!