Friday, April 10, 2015

Sew the Show

I don't often enter sewing contests or link-ups because I can't handle the pressure. BUT, if you follow Alida Makes, you know she started a Sew the Show series a few months ago. Every month she picks a Netflix show and everyone sews up a look based on the show's fashions. This month is FRIENDS!!!! You guys, Casey and I have watched this show from start to finish so many times, it's not even funny. I'd been in a sewing slump (the last few things I've made have turned out to be duds!) so this was just the creative boost I needed! I immediately started looking for ideas.

The Facebook page associated with the contest is a pretty fun place. Today someone posted the infamous Rachel in Barbados dress. Don't we all need a statement sundress like this in our closet?

So far I have this denim vest. Do you know how many denim vests Rachel wears in the first few seasons? And overalls too, but I have exited the age bracket for pulling off overalls, haha. If you follow me on Instagram (which you can find via my pretty new button over there to the right, hehe), you may have already seen this.
It needs buttons and then it'll be done. I've made another piece to go with it, but I'm saving the finished look for the linky party!

I've been watching Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix while I sew lately. As long as my Internet cooperates, that is. It doesn't like to reach all the way upstairs! Frustrating, but oh, well. What do you watch or listen to while you sew?

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  1. My favorite thing to listen to while I sew is my record player. My favorite record is my Pink Panther one! Followed by Elvis. :o) I can't watch Murdoch while sewing, I'm too busy staring at the screen! :o)