Thursday, February 26, 2015


I am working on revamping my blog. Not like just a new header and stuff, which I do probably too often, but a full-on overhaul. Gotta bring the blog up to 2015! I'm excited and also in way over my head, ha! Apparently one must look stupid multiple times to learn anything about the Internet these days. I'm ok with it. I considered waiting until I had everything ready and then having a big unveiling, but let's get real, I'm not that cool. Haha!

I am working through the Blog Design Love 2.0 e-course by A Beautiful Mess and am learning a lot! I'm happy to say it's worth the $45. In case you were waffling ;)  So, bit by bit, you'll see the blog start to change. Hopefully.

Some small, but exciting thing happened in my sewing room over the weekend! For my birthday, Casey bought me a TV for my sewing room, along with a Roku since we don't have cable. It's so nice to have up there! I often listen to music or podcasts while I sew, but I get into certain shows occasionally too. Right now, Murdoch Mysteries is my go-to sewing show! And sometimes Kelby hangs out up there with me and watches Ninja Turtles. I love that cartoon, I admit it.

This is what my space looked like before. I know, a mess.

But then Casey built me a shelf and now it's sooo much nicer! 

The shelf spans the length of the wall too, so I have extra space! I think I might finally snatch some of the cute prints on Etsy I've had my eye on and make my walls happy. 

I love this shot of Kelby and Casey when they were putting up the shelf:
 I put that on Instagram. You can find me on Instagram as nikkischreiner. I love Instagram and I like finding new people to follow! You should also follow Barbiestyle because it's awesome. And Prissy_Pig. I also follow Target! It's weird to follow a store, maybe, but they have the most creative photos! 

If you follow me there, you'll get to see this kind of hilarity from time to time. 

Cheers :)

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  1. I had no idea one could follow Target! I will have to check that out. :o) Looking forward to seeing the exciting changes ahead!