Monday, February 23, 2015

Let's catch up!

Yesterday, I determined to make time today to take pictures of the things I've made over the last few months! And I did it. I thought about stretching these four things into four posts this week, but who am I kidding? If I don't do it now, I might not have time the rest of the week. However, I do feel ready to pick blogging back up on a more regular basis. In all honesty, I was considering giving this up and took a break to see if I missed it enough to keep going. And I really, really did! I've had this blog for nine years! Sheesh. I am considering some changes, though. I am starting to look into things like domain names and branding and coding and ... I think I need a class. Haha.

Moving right along!

I walked into FabricMart last month and couldn't believe it, they had just gotten a gorgeous pile of fabrics from Cotton & Steel. It had been a long time since I made clothing out of quilting cotton, but I couldn't leave these butterflies behind. I envisioned a Summer dress out of it, but I have really drifted away from the fitted bodice/cute, full gathered skirt. I settled on the bodice from New Look 6184. I was nervous about that fitted skirt, though. Straight fitted skirts tend not to work out on me. I'd recently tried Simplicity 1876 and it ended up being a wadder. The bodice was awful (not only did the overlay look super weird, but who wants to wear an entirely interfaced bodice in the heat of summer??) , but the skirt portion was great! I tossed that pattern, but slipped the skirt pieces into the side of my pattern bin. I'm so glad I did that because it turned out great meshing these two patterns together!
 (I swear my legs are not orange, they are reflecting the walls on my lanai!!)
I think it's very flattering and I really love that fabric! I added a vintage crochet trim to the waistline, which really topped it off. I have a ginormous piece of medium-weight denim that I've been wondering what to do with. I think I'd like to take this skirt pattern, add a waistband and turn it into a high-wasted denim skirt, inspired by the one below that I spotted on Pinterest. What do you think?

Next up, I actually made this dress a little while ago, but I wear it so much, it always seemed to be in the laundry when I wanted to take pics and blog about it! I think I need to remember to slip a photo op in on the days when I wear things for real. 

I'm actually pretty sure this rayon, also found at my FabricMart is a Cotton & Steel print too? That company is my fabric style-crush right now, haha! I used Butterick 5784, which I made once before (out of a polyester, what was I thinking??) but this time I left off the shoulder detail. It's so easy to wear, I just love it! I've used this same pattern for a basic striped knit top too and it turned out great. I think this is my tried and true shift dress pattern! (Btw, both necklaces in the above photos are from Stitchfix! Still loving that service so much.)

Third dress: I found this solid rayon at my little quilt store in Kaimuki. I used McCall's 7093, from the new collection and found a piece of this soft cotton lace in my bin for the contrast sleeves. I love it, but it's clearly too short for anything other than a special date night, which is exactly what I made it for ;) 
 The reason it's so short is because it's supposed to be a top! It's soooo long, though, right? I went ahead and wore it on our Valentines date, but I'm going to look for a lace trim that matches the sleeves and add it to the bottom. If I can't find any, I'll go ahead and cut it into a top. Either way, the pattern is a winner and I'll definitely make it again!

Last, but in no way least, because it might be my new favorite thing to wear, I made a flannel shirt. Seems weird, I know, but I'm actually visiting the mainland in a couple weeks, where I might actually get to wear it, and since my fabric stash has dwindled to scrounge-whatever-fabric-I-can because I-have-to-sew-for-my-sanity status, I thought this was a great time to make something out of it. Also, it's not a super thick flannel (but it's SO soft!) so I think I might have more occasion to wear it here than I think. I cannot say enough good things about McCall's 6436. It's too bad the cover photo and drawings are so bland because the possibilities for this pattern are so basic and endless. I already have another version cut out, which will be my fourth version of this pattern! This shirt is sooooo cozy, I just want to wear it all the time.

Speaking of my trip to the mainland, I am SO EXCITED to go fabric shopping!!!! It's not that I have zero options here, I have a few, but you have no idea what a difference sales and coupons make until you have to rely on a fabric store that simply does not offer any and you can only afford one piece of fabric at a time! 

I'm also going to get my hair cut while I'm there. I'm so ready for that. I tried wearing my hair down the other day and it was mistake, it was so hot. It ends up on top of my head every day. I'm ready for a change. 

Have a happy Monday, y'all! For all those super tired of winter right now, I am sincerely sorry for the warm weather photos!!!


  1. Butterflies...oh how I love them! The fit on that dress is amazing!

    It's funny that you just made a flannel shirt in your always Summer location...I have been planning a flannel shirt that I kept thinking as long as it's loose I could wear it until it got REALLY hot! I think you might have just proved my point!


  2. All of them look nice on you. I like the rayon "date night dress" with the lace sleeves the best. Rayon is my favorite fabric for skirts, dresses and tops. I think it hangs nice and is comfortable to wear.