Friday, February 8, 2013


This is my second attempt at a peplum top. I made the first one out of denim and while it looks cute on the hanger, I've yet to wear it. I think the denim just made the peplum stick out and it hit the widest part of my hips and just widened me in all the wrong places! But, when the Spring New Look line came out, I thought 6198 would work better than the previous pattern I had used (which had pleats on the peplum, only adding to the wideness).

Anyway, I wasn't sure I loved this at first, but I've already worn it several times--to our homeschool co op, to a baby shower and last night to an ARMY spouses' dinner. So, I guess it's a keeper! I just had to get used to the shape, I think.

My yellow cord skirt is still probably one of the most worn and versatile pieces I have ever made!! Love it. I actually did make this skirt again and since I'm behind and know I probably won't get around to posting everything individually, I'll just share some stragglers here while I'm at it :)
I like this skirt, but not quite as much as my yellow one. The top is another Renfrew! I really liked it. But, I didn't preshrink the fabric because I wasn't ever planning on putting it in the dryer. And then I put it in the dryer!!! Dumb. It shrunk up. I think I can maybe add a band to the bottom though, I can't remember if I had extra fabric or not.

And! I made another of these maxi skirts (don't think I made all this super recently, cause it's been over three months or so! I'm just behind in sharing!) Here's a kinda fuzzy Layla pic:

I think that's it! At least, that's all I have pictures of. I made another lace Renfrew that I keep wearing and keep forgetting to photograph. And I'm wearing another me-made outfit today!

I did take a clothing break and work on the remaining blocks for Jenn and my collaborative quilt project. And, I made some cute knit skirts for my girls for Valentines Day. Then I made a Kelby a super cute hat!! Can't wait to give those to them. Next up is some pillows for our family room couch and then doll clothes for Natalie's birthday!! Should I even show you how my 18" doll clothes pattern collection has grown?? It could get embarrassing... think I'll keep it to myself ;) Darn you, JoAnn and your 99 cent pattern sales!!


  1. Love the peplum teamed with the yellow skirt - you certainly have lots of lovely new clothes in your wardrobe with this lot...J

  2. I'm not too crazy about the shape of peplums, but yours is very nice! And the way you've styled it is nice too.

  3. Such a pretty top and fine looking skirts on you! I like the ensembles you put together.

  4. I love your new top and it looks great each way you have styled it.