Monday, February 4, 2013


I am way behind on sharing some clothes I've made recently! This is the most recent, but it's my favorite thing I've made in awhile so I'm starting with it anyway. This is McCall's 6659, part of the new Spring line of patterns. I was drawn to the asymmetry right away. I used a rayon that I got in Reno when I visited Jenn last month, at her wonderful fabric store called Mill End. The prices for these super nice fabrics were unbelievable! This one was 3.99 a yard!! I like how the simpler print allows the pleats to show.
 I wore it to church yesterday with boots and a cardigan. The leather belt, by the way, and in case Casey's family is wondering where they've seen it before, was Casey's when he was a kid--his Dad made it! for him! I think it's adorable :)
Because elastic helps shape the waist, I think this is a comfy everyday option, which will be great for Summer rather than some of my more structured dresses.
If you'd like to see my notes on this pattern, my review is here. I definitely would like to try the one-shoulder version for a Summer date dress.

You can expect a few more finished garments on the blog this week! Happy February :)


  1. Beautiful dress - love the stylish look of the shoulders...J

  2. This is lovely- the gathering suits you so well!

  3. Wonderful dress! I like the subtle asymmetry of this pattern and I am really drawn to polka dots lately, too. It looks great on you.

  4. Really lovely dress - the color suits you well. I love the asymmetry, too!