Monday, January 7, 2013

baby doll runway

My baby girl Layla turned six on Friday. SIX!! Get out! I remember when I was pregnant with her (she was due Dec. 30), I wanted her to be really (safely) early or really late because the further from Christmas, the better! She was 8 days late and the extra incubation time grew her into the cutest 9 pound, 2 ounce dimpled and smiley baby you have ever seen :) Now, I'm so glad she was that late because I have just a little smidge of extra time after Christmas to plan her birthday.

I try to work on her gifts before Christmas. This year, I had suggested to my mother-in-law that she would love the Travel-with-me baby Cinderella doll she had seen at Target for her birthday. Since I knew she had gotten her the doll, I set out to make doll clothes for her. After she opened them, we had a fashion show so Cinderella could model her new outfits and I could take pictures :)

 Natalie made her a tutu! I grabbed a "tulle spool" that I already had and showed her how to cut strips and tie them onto elastic. It's super cute :)

 This doll is a new favorite, for sure :)
 I also made her this doll carrier backpack, for which I've had the pattern for about a year, with Layla in mind. I decided to make it while she's still little enough to love dolls!

 I finished the insides with bias tape because there was just a lot of raggedy edges in there.

 Here are the patterns I used. The McCall's one is from the '80's. My mom passed it along to me years ago and it turns out she actually used it to make clothes for my favorite doll, Upsie Baby, when I was little. Aw :) The Simplicity pattern is still in print, though. The clothes are for 15" dolls, though and Cinderella is 12, which is why I didn't make any of those clothes. If you want to find clothes for smaller dolls, there are still a few out there, just look for the ones that say "doll clothes in three sizes".

It's a good thing doll clothes are one of my favorite things to make because Natalie is getting an 18" Our Generation doll for her birthday (because there's no way I'm paying American Girl prices!!
The number of patterns out there for these doll clothes is astounding. I started my collection with these three:

I can't wait to get started!! Those outfits in the middle are adorable--the pattern includes the boots too. Soooo excited!!


  1. Those little dresses are just sooo cute! Great choice of beautiful bright and cheery fabric.

  2. My son is six too, and it is crazy how quickly time goes by...You did a great job with all of your daughter's gifts! The doll clothes are adorable, and that backpack with doll carrier is fabulous! I'll have to keep it in mind for my daughter, who will be 4 soon.